The Terrace at Woodland


At Camillus Ridge Terrace, we understand the challenges of caring for older people. Camillus Ridge Terrace is not just a Senior Living Residence, but a style of living. We provide a dignified way of life for those who require some, or complete assistance in activities of daily living. Individual independence is maintained while enjoying a variety of twenty four hour services for residents with different needs.

In our Community one can enjoy independence without worrying about safety and home maintenance, cooking or cleaning, personal health needs, lack of companionship, and other aspects of living alone. One maintains autonomy while benefiting from a variety of personal services.

It is important to understand that as someone experiences a cognitive decline due to dementia or confusion, this does not necessarily mean the person must enter a skilled nursing facility. Our Memory Care Neighborhood is specially designed to care for people memory impairments by offering services that accommodate their unscheduled needs. This maintains a person’s highest practicable well-being at about half the cost of a nursing home.